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What is The Difference Between Thesis Statements And Topic Sentences

When the reader of your thesis makes his or her way from the top of your assignment down, they will come across your topic as well as your statement. Although both are short, the two are completely different in terms of the purpose they serve, the location where they are found, and the structure each one is written in.

  • The purpose of your topic:
  • Your topic serves to entice your reader by connecting with him or her on the subject you have written on. Many people who read a lot already know they are going to enjoy a book just by reading the title. It’s this commonality you should try and achieve when thinking up yours.

  • The purpose of your statement:
  • The statement, on the other hand, is going to tell your reader what you have proposed in the thesis. You will state your theory and make that theory known to the reader so that he or she can determine whether or not they agree. If they don’t, they need to feel confident that you will persuade them otherwise. Don't hesitate to order a custom thesis online to save your time and effort.

  • The location of your topic:
  • Your topic, as most know, is the first thing your reader should see. It must be centered on the cover page and visible for anyone who would like to know what the thesis is generally about.

  • The location of your statement:
  • The statement of the thesis would be one of the very first things the reader sees after choosing and opening the thesis in order to read it. The statement is really secondary to the topic sentence, which is why the title should do more to reel in the reader than the statement would.

  • The structure of your topic:
  • The topic sentence of your thesis should be something that promises to answer a question. It must also be clear as to what the thesis is about. Don’t get too artistic with your title as if it were a movie or a novel. Try to be as factual as you can so as not to confuse your reader once they get to the first page of the content.

  • The structure of your statement:
  • The statement will contain a presupposition as to what you intend to prove. It should stand out as a sentence that was written by an authority on the subject, and must promise not to deviate from the strength of its purpose.