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Data On US Trade Statistics

To look at the productiveness of any country, the cost amount that is exported, should exceed the amount that imported. When this is not done, the country will be in a continual loss. Looking over the US trade data, tells one that the US in running at a continual loss. His will be explained within the essay. Measuring out the amount of money brought I, fails to meet the amount going out.

  1. Money In, Money Out
  2. What does this Say?
  3. Propaganda does not meet Facts

Money In, Money Out

Looking at the data for 20014, it is evident that the amount of money leaving the country, is exceeding the amount coming back in. June exports were only $196.2 Billion, while imports were $237.0 Billion. Meaning that in June, the US lost $40.8 Billion. That is not a good sign. In July, the exports were $198.0 B. and imports were $238.6 B. Meaning in June the US lost $40.6 Billion. That means that in two months, the US lost $81.4 Billion.

In may the stats were not much better, even thought there was an increase of $0.3billion. This was measured in exports of $136.7 billion. Imports decreased $1.6 billion, to $200.0 Billion. This left a deficit of $63.3 Billion. So now there is a three month deficit of $144.7 Billion.

What does this Say?

What this is showing, is that the policy the US government has worked on, to encourage US business to outsource, is failing. This line of business is crippling the country, and keeping the country bankrupt. Looking back further, it just keeps showing that the deficit has been building for a long time. In as much as the three month deficit of $144.7 Billion looks bad, on a larger scope it is even worse. And will not allow the Country the ability to ever rebound.

Propaganda does not meet Fact

When one listens to the words of the President, and his advisors, it would seem that things are looking up. The fact is, they are looking down. Over the past six years, the Country is showing to be in the trillions of trade deficit. Going back further, to the start of the outsource push, the trade deficit is off the charts. In order to turn this around, the US needs to reclaim their industrial might. Or they will never be able to pay back their debts. No country can operate with more money going out, then coming in.