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A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For 11th Graders

In order to pick a good persuasive essay topic, it is important that you think about how effective the topic will be when it comes to writing about it. For example, you need to ensure that there are at least two distinct points of view that can be written about, and ideally each point of view should have a range of strong arguments that can be made about it.

For example, if one point of view only has relatively weak and ineffective arguments, whilst the other one contains a range of very strong arguments, which most people agree with, then you may be wasting your time if you write a paper in which you pick the strong point of view to write about, as there may be very little need to argue the case in the first place. On the other hand, if you were to pick the weak a point of view, then you may find it difficult to create enough arguments to really persuade the reader with what you are trying to say and, therefore, the quality of your work might suffer.

Of course, the topics that you choose should also be suitable for your age level. For example, 11th graders might talk about more sophisticated topics than students of a younger age. Therefore, to give you some ideas that might be suitable for 11th graders, there is a list of good persuasive essay topics below.

  • Should George W. Bush persecution as a war criminal for his involvement in the second Iraq War?
  • Do Western armies essentially do the same thing as what the Western world describes as terror groups?
  • Should all cars be powered by electricity or other environmentally-friendly means of power?
  • Should all countries give up their nuclear arsenals?
  • Do the world’s richest countries do enough to help the world’s poorest countries when it comes to poverty, famine, development and debt relief?
  • Should big game hunting be made illegal in all countries throughout the world?
  • Should scientists do less to interfere with the forces of nature, such as stopping creating genetically modified foods or creating “designer babies”?
  • Should any of the world’s countries be able to lay claim to any part of Antarctica?
  • Should humans be trusted to potentially look for and colonize new planets in the future, considering the environmental damage that our species is caused to our own planet?
  • Should scientists receive more funding from the government then they currently get?