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Writing an argumentative essay on illegal immigration: tips and tricks

Immigration is a burning issue which has to be solved sooner or later. Yet the government has been unable to curb illegal immigration, resulting in chaos in many parts of the country. As it is, writing an argumentative essay on illegal immigration can be very thought provoking. You will need sound knowledge of the topic before you can even think of writing a proper essay on something as complex and sensitive as immigration.

In an argumentative essay you will have to take a stance on the topic and defend it fiercely. So it is advisable that you write about the side you feel strongly about. Because then you will be able to come up with more interesting points. On the other hand if you write for the side you do not believe in you will be writing only the points which you get off the internet.

If you are going to write a paper on illegal immigration here are some tips you should always keep in mind:

  • Start off the introduction with an anecdote or quote that makes your stance on the subject clear. This is great way of staring and also helps the reader to identify with your point of view. Not only do you make your stance clear but by quoting some popular figure you also highlight how that important figure has expressed solidarity with your view. Or at least how that distinguished person’s philosophy also directs in the direction you are heading.
  • Provide facts and statistics in support of your views. You will get all the data from newspaper clippings of various popular dailies. These facts should be in support of your stance for or against illegal immigration. The facts should be accurate and detailed. You will have to cite the source of your information so you can add the citation in your footnotes.
  • Explain all the evidence and facts in the body paragraph of your paper.
  • Check for all possible mistakes and loop holes that may be present in the paper. By eliminating them you will make the reader enjoy the essay.
  • You can write some of the recommendations based on your work at the end. This is a good way to end an argumentative essay as it gives a possible solution. Do not be too blunt but give a feasible solution that will help the issue.