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A List Of Great Evaluation Essay Topics: 20 Ideas For Your Next Paper

The purpose of an evaluation essay to provide an assessment of a subject (an event, a business, a product etc.) on the basis of a given set of criteria. The basic tenant of an evaluation essay is to provide an opinion but if done well, it should not come off as judgmental or opinionated but instead should provide a fair and balanced assessment of the subject. The best way to come up with an unbiased essay is to decide on clear and unbiased criteria, judgment and evidence.

If you have been assigned to write an evaluatiomn essay and are looking for a great topic, you are in luck because we have a list of the 20 best topics below.

  1. Evaluate the experience of writing with a pen on paper and compare it with the trend of writing papers on digital devices such as laptops.
  2. Evaluate the experience of going on a vacation in the summer months and compare it with going on vacation in winter.
  3. Evaluate the role of the various foreign wars on the evolution of the United States’ foreign policy.
  4. Evaluate the role of election campaigning on the results of elections.
  5. Evaluate the effect of “deflate gate” on the marketability of Tom Brady.
  6. Evaluate the efficiency of electronic fuel injection and compare it to old style carburetor engines.
  7. Evaluate your exam performance over the years.
  8. Evaluate the role played by Microsoft in the development of information technology over the last 30 years.
  9. Evaluate the role played by Apple in reintroducing consumer electronics as one of the biggest parts of the economy.
  10. Evaluate the role of Google in the expansion of the use of digital technology in our daily lives.
  11. Evaluate the role of television in reducing the scope for physical activity in teens.
  12. Evaluate the incidence of high incidence of teen pregnancies in some areas of the country.
  13. Evaluate the need for increased spending on education in developing countries.
  14. Evaluate the world’s response to the recent Ebola epidemic in Africa.
  15. Evaluate the world’s response to the recent earthquake in Nepal.
  16. Evaluate the role of the United Nations in conflict resolution around the world.
  17. Evaluate the role of Nato in resolving conflicts in Europe.
  18. Evaluate the role of China in development activities in Africa.
  19. Evaluate the role of video games in the learning processes of teens.
  20. Evaluate the role of guns in violent crimes. Do guns kill people or do people kill people?