essay writing prompts

Five great ideas for cause and effect essay topics for high school

Essay writing is part of learning process, which is included in almost all coursework. It plays a vital role in grading. Good essay increases chances of good results while a bad written essay will lower the grade of the students. To produce a good essay, there are several ideas and steps to note to help in the delivery of an effective work. These steps are:


Student should do a thorough research on the topic before writing as this will him or her to have more knowledge on the topic. This can be done through revising already written topics, making good use of internet and sometimes libraries. At this stage, the student should have an argument to confirm if the ideas or content of the essay is in line with the topic.



Now that there is enough knowledge of the topic, the student should do a proper examination in details. This helps the student to come up with reasons, evidences, weakness, and logic conclusion concerning the topic of the essay.



A student should remember the structure, this is important because any essay must have introduction, body and conclusion of the essay. In this case, the introduction tells and directs the reader or the lecture on the issues to be discussed in the essay. The body carries the information of the essay. Student should be able to put down all the information here by use of paragraph to separate each sub topic. The best number of paragraphs should be at least four or five. Conclusion summarizes all the arguments of the topic and there should be no new idea at this stage of the essay.


Student should come up with required ideas that can help in writing the whole essay. Thesis should be the main point of the essay. It shows the lecturer or the reader the direction of the argument. After having all these in place, the student should be able to start writing the essay by use of good grammar and spelling.



In all essays, there are always instructions to be followed and one of them is the style. Now the correct format should be used according to the guidelines in place. Ideas, sayings and quotations from other sources should be cited correctly in the body of the essay. This is accompanied by the work cited in the reference page, which contains all the information of the sources.