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Cause and effect essays: 5 great examples of topics

Cause and effect essays discuss a cause, and what effect(s) come from that cause. The goal here is to give five examples of cause and effect essays. Along with them, to give ways to use these ideas and how to look for other variations off of those ideas. It is very rare that a cause is limited to one effect, because there are other factors that can be applied even if they are not seen. All of this will be looked at in these five suggestions.

  1. Discrimination
  2. Effects of smart phone on society
  3. Effects of the internet on commerce
  4. Texting and Driving
  5. Effects of multiculturalism on society


Discrimination takes many shapes, from race to religion, from age to social class. There is not a factor that differs people that cannot be discriminated against. The issue here is to show in any one type of discrimination how it effects that group. Show how it affects different individuals. Or show how it affects the community, society, or even that culture. What makes this such a great topic, is that there are so many variations that can be done.

Effects of Smart phone on society

Here again is a very diverse topic that lends itself into a hoard of other topics that can be written. As smart phones can be done in a positive, neutral, or negative view. The end result would be up to the writer on what road, and how the subject was referred to.

Effects of the internet on Commerce

Here again the diversity of the topic becomes a wide range of different topics that can be written. This can be taken in either a pro or con view. And then on what avenue the writer wants to go. Helping with market data, employees wasting time on games, scheduling shipments and deliveries. It is open to the writer.

Texting and Driving

Texting and driving is the only somewhat limited topic given here. But with that said, it is open to creative writing more so than the others. By this, this is one topic that can actually be done backwards. From an accident to the cause (texting).

Effects of Multiculturalism on Society

This is back to the wide diversity issues that can be covered. The good, bad and neutral aspects of this issue bring a lot of cause and effect essay topics. It can be done on how one culture affects another, it can be done on how cultures, religions, or any other factors collide or mesh. It is up to the writer on how they will do this type of essay.