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A list of interesting argument topics for an essay

Argumentative essay topics only work when there is a strong divide. If you choose a topic where everybody agrees with the basic statement, you have no grounds for an argument. Those types of topics are sometimes known as motherhood statements. Nobody is going to argue with the statement that motherhood is good. Of course it's good. So when choosing an interesting argument topic for your essay, make sure it is the exact opposite of a motherhood statement.

When your argument topic is interesting you will find it easier to write and more likely to get a higher score. The person reading your argument essay will become hooked because you are out to prove that your side of the argument is correct and the opposite side is not correct. How well you promote your side of the argument and at the same time dismiss the opposite side will determine how high will be the mark you get for your essay.

Here are some interesting argument topics. Remember that the issue they raise needs to cause division and what will really put the icing on the cake is that you have a passionate interest in this particular topic.

  1. Every student should be required to wear a school uniform.
  2. Even hands-free mobile phones should be banned for anyone driving a car.
  3. Renewable energy should be funded in greater amounts than traditional energy sources.
  4. All advertising for alcohol should be banned.
  5. A vegetarian diet is dangerous for the health of the people who consume it.

Now you can see from the topics listed above that every subject is controversial. This is what you want. You want a topic which divides public opinion. Once you have this topic, and remember it will be even better if you are passionate about it, you are in a position to create your argument essay. You'll help yourself by making two lists. The points in favour of the stand you are taking and the points opposing it.

In writing your essay take advantage of all the positive points to support your argument and, by clever writing and reasoning, dismiss or denigrate the points which oppose your point of view. A good argument essay will be strong on supporting your stance on the issue. A better argument essay will have strong evidence in support of your case and equally strong evidence in knocking down the alternative view.