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10 Good Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Graders

In the sixth grade, students should be taught how to write logically connected, consistent, and grammatically correct essays with multiple numbers of paragraphs. They should know how to narrate, expose, research, and persuade in their written tasks. Persuasive essays are one of the most common written assignments that develop the aforementioned skills. This type of essay presupposes that 6th graders will try to influence their readers by persuading them to take their standpoints with clear and justified arguments.

Students prefer writing about something relevant to their lives, so this set of persuasive essay topics might be interesting to them:

  1. Should children be allowed to stay up late?

    In this essay, a student will try to provide a number of reasons for and against the problem of lack of sleep, and demonstrate a specific point of view to his or her advantage.

  2. Can reading comics be educational?
  3. Students are sure to get passionate when writing about comic books, and will provide first hand evidence that shows they can be used for educational purposes.

  4. Should school canteens serve fast food for lunch?
  5. Food is an issue that concerns everyone, and 6th graders are no exception to this. They are sure to be interested in writing a task that will persuade someone of why their favorite types of food should be served in schools.

  6. Should mobile phones be totally banned for school use?
  7. Modern children cannot imagine a moment without personal digital devices, so they will be thrilled by the opportunity to persuade everyone that they should not be banned.

  8. Should chewing gum be banned during class?
  9. This everyday issue will be easy for 6th graders to investigate and formulate opinions about.

  10. Should children be paid for good grades?
  11. In this type of essay, students will try to justify this commercial type of home relationship and state whether it is beneficial for schooling.

  12. Should children be corporeally punished by their parents for misbehaviors?
  13. Students are supposed to come up with evidence that beating children at home has a lot of negative aftereffects.

  14. Can computer games be used for educational purposes?
  15. This topic is sure to be thrilling to investigate, as the student will be able to provide evidence from a sphere he or she enjoys.

  16. Should tabs substitute paper books?
  17. This controversial issue can be interpreted in a variety of ways, and it will be up to the student to show that E-Books are better or worse than paper books.

  18. Should all students learn a foreign language?
  19. In this essay, students will have to argue the necessity (for or against) of learning a second language as a part of the school’s curriculum.