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How To Find A Well-Written Example Of Explanatory Paper

An explanatory paper will explain a process, an event, a subject, or a feature. Whatever topic you select is analyzed through careful dissection and then explained. When you want to find a model to use to help you to write an A+ essay, there are several places before you can look. Remember, you will be looking for a piece with a strong thesis statement, a well-written introductory, distinct and concise body paragraphs with support, and a strong conclusion. You can find samples from:

  • Your teacher -go and visit your teacher before or after school. Your teacher should have a folder, which contains excellent samples of all types of writing. You probably cannot take the folder or individual papers with you out of the classroom, but you can spend time looking at them and take notes about what you see.
  • The Library -your library should have an archive of papers from the past. It will be in the reference section. If your library does not have one, suggest to your media specialist that they begin to keep such a folder.
  • A Tutor -you can hire a tutor to help you with any writing needs that you might have. Of course, a tutor can get expensive. You can buy your sessions in a bunch in order to get a reduced rate. You will probably have a set time, and may be charged if you miss appointments. They start at $25.00 a session and go up from there. Some people hire a tutor in junior high and keep that same person all the way through the college years. The tutor can find models for you, as well as help you to write your own fine papers. There are many perks for employing a tutor.
  • Online -this should be the last place that you look. There are thousands of explanatory papers to be found online, but it may be difficult to find out if the author is qualified or credible. It would not be good to model your essay off of an essay poorly written. While online, you can also look for a template for the style of writing that you want. Templates are easy to use and help provide direction.

While looking for a sample of an explanatory paper, look with your teacher, in the library, hire a tutor, or check online. You will find what you need at one of these places.