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Good Discursive Essay Topics: 20 Fresh Suggestions

The premise behind the discursive essay poses a very interesting challenge to the writer. You will be given a particular subject and will discuss arguments both in favor and in opposition to it. Both sides have to be presented objectively as possible. Once that is done you will take one side and convince the reader your position is the proper one to take. This is going to require having a fairly good topic to begin with. Unless you’ve already has been assigned one you will have to look through a variety of topics. Here are some suggestions.

  1. How important is good grammar in every day spoken English?
  2. Is premarital sex really a serious problem?
  3. Will a dress code improve the learning experience in a high school?
  4. Should preteens not be allowed to play violent video games?
  5. Should pop machines be banned from schools to prevent obesity?
  6. Do social network platforms encourage vicious bullying?
  7. Is a child in a single-parent household more responsible than one raised in a house with two parents?
  8. Should hate speech be covered under freedom of speech?
  9. Should senior citizens be denied medical insurance once they’ve reached 90?
  10. Should aquariums and zoos be shut down for abuse of animals?
  11. Should cash be eliminated and replaced with debit cards?
  12. Is online shopping more trustworthy than traditional means?
  13. Should car drivers be taxed for every mile they drive?
  14. Should prostitution be made legal?
  15. Should parents with more than one child be taxed for the additional children?
  16. Should freedom of religion only apply to institutions and not individuals?
  17. Is a college degree really necessary?
  18. Is the Confederate flag a sign of racism or heritage?
  19. Does immigration cause more crimes?
  20. Is 40 hours of pay for three hours of work feasible?

Among the suggestions here is one for you to think about. As you look through the topics try to focus on those which you can be most objective about. Some topics are highly emotional and people have very strong feelings about which may bias the discursive essay. You want to be able to show your ability to calmly weigh the pros and cons. Another of the suggestions for writing a good essay would be to carefully edit the result. It is a way of seeing to it that the matter which the topics you choose, the writing was as unbiased as possible.