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10 argumentative sports topics to write an essay on

Sports are a very interesting field of life. Most of the world top celebrities are sports players. They are somehow able to make it to the news every time. Sports have always been in debate since its initiation. In the beginning people questioned different forms and types of sports. When they finally were accepted, people started looking for stuff to pin point them. The sport stars usually face such questioning situations about their personal lives, their performance, their business, and even the love life. It is not that people only talk against them or the sports overall. People are of two types, one who talk for sports and others who talk against them.

If you are asked to write an argumentative essay on sports then you might be excited for it. You have a thing for sports and you cannot wait to write about it. However, do not forget the type of the essay is argumentative. You need to choose a topic that allows an argument in your essay. You need to write for or against a topic. You may choose any topic for your essay but it should complement the essay type.

Here are top ten argumentative essay topics you can use for your essay.

  1. Do the big educational institutions exploit skilled students who are in to athletic sports?
  2. Is advertising and promotional purpose behind a sport greater than the true soul of the sport itself?
  3. Who earns more in professional sports? Do the rich owners win all the money or does it go to the famous players?
  4. The use of performance enhancement drugs and its different forms should be banned in sports.
  5. Women are used as a sex object in sport advertisement to attract male demographic audience.
  6. Young and attractive girls appear in different sport matches as cheerleaders or ball girls, is this done for sales purpose.
  7. The IPL dancing beauties are an example of women as a sex object.
  8. Are football celebrities overpaid? Where labor and factory owner fight over minimum wage rate is it fair for sport celebrities to fight over millions and earn billions?
  9. People who do not have any sport activity in their life, tend to age early.
  10. Is test cricket dying with the advent of twenty-twenty match type?

These are all the essay topics you can use for your argumentative essay in sports.