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How Do I Write an Essay: Necessary Tips

Writing a great essay takes time, effort, and skill. That being said, just about anyone can write an awesome essay, so long as they are willing to apply themselves! So let's go over some tips for how to write a great essay.

Start With A Great Thesis or Question

Just about every essay centers around some sort of question or thesis. You might be asked to write an argumentative essay, so for example “People are becoming more reliant on computers, and this is reducing their capacity to think. Do you agree or disagree?” Or you might be asked to write an essay about a more general topic, such as solar energy, and told to write your own thesis or answer you own question. In this case, coming up with a good thesis is essential.

A thesis statement will explain to readers why your essay is important and will also outline the basic structure and argument of your essay. A thesis usually makes a claim that others could dispute. So for example, you might write a thesis that states “Computer technologies are increasing our capacity to think because they allow people to conduct research and find information more quickly, thus developing their mental capacities.”

Research Is the Foundation for Any Great Essay

Once you know the question, or at least subject, you need to start doing research. If you're writing an essay on nanotechnology, for example, you should look through newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, and other sources for articles on nanotechnology. If you haven't been assigned a thesis or question to answer, this initial research phase is a great time to start brainstorming thesis ideas.

As you conduct research, it's a good idea to take thorough notes. Write down any interesting points, data, or other things you come across. Once you begin to get a feel for the field, you should construct a basic outline. This outline will include the main points you want to make and important pieces of data.

And Then You Write

Next, you have to start writing the essay itself! You may find yourself facing writer's block, one way to maximize your ability to write is to set aside a block of time, say one hour, and force yourself to write, even if the writing isn't very good. Remember to constantly edit your work and to refer to your outline and notes. Also, you should continue to conduct research as you write. Once you have a rough draft finished, take a few days away from writing (if possible) and then start editing and rewriting it.

Hope these tips helped!