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A List Of Good Comparison And Contrast Essay Topics For College

Depending on your subject of interest, there are millions of different topics that you could compare and contrast. As a college student, there is certainly no right or wrong answer anymore. It’s all about justifications and as long as you can provide evidence for what you say, then there is no reason for your lecturers to give you a poor grade.

Comparing and contrasting sparks discussion amongst the topic in question and throughout your college life, you will be given plenty of these assignments. Here is a list of topics that you might want to use.


Comparing countries is always a great thing to discuss. You could talk about the economy or just simply its people.


Yep, this is amazing. Different cultures produce different interesting things. A simple topic would be to compare the modern cultures between the West and the East.


If you want to talk about history in your essay, then it would be a good idea to discuss about how it has affected the society etc. You could even incorporate elements of ‘countries’ in there as well.


People live differently across the globe, so why shouldn’t you compare and contrast that? It would be interesting to see discussions on this topic in your essay. It doesn’t mean you have to talk about the lifestyle in your country, as it could be anywhere!

Different districts

This is on a micro scale. You could compare and contrast virtually EVERYTHING between two districts (or more if you wish). This means there are plenty of topics to discuss in your essay.

Business theories

If you are more into business, then you could certainly include some business theories in your essay. Talking about their advantages and disadvantages would be a good start.

Work done by people

There are plenty of brilliant works done by famous people around the world throughout the year. So it’s a good essay if you do compare achievements!


Companies are always considered to be the main pillar of a country’s economy. Comparing the most successful firms would be a good topic for your essay.

Political parties

Although this may be a little controversial, comparing between political parties would actually be very interesting. You should talk about the difference in policies and stance.

Hopefully this is helpful to you when you are thinking of topics for your comparing and contrast essay!