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How To Come Up With Unusual Descriptive Essay Topics

Descriptive essays are likely one of the easiest essays to write. You simply detail an event that occurred with the use of all five senses. You need a topic that will help you write your essay while being descriptive in nature as possible. Brainstorming will help you explore your options and find a good topic.

This is a common action to perform for any type of assignment that requires a good topic. But in this case, you may want to look for additional options to help you find the best topic. You will want to consider all of your senses (hearing, taste, smell, touch and sight) to help you find an unusual topic. The following ideas can help you find a standout descriptive essay topic.

  • Form ideas with a brainstorming session group of colleagues besides on your own. You can compare your ideas based on what the group came up with. Your colleagues may be willing to exchange ideas. Plus, it willing interesting to see what ideas others came up with. Some students work better in a group versus by themselves.
  • Make a map based on a general idea or concept. This is basically a drawing you will do on paper that will show different ideas connected to one concept. For instance, you can write down an event that happened in the middle of the page. Draw lines from it going outward and write elements related to the event. For each element you will draw lines and do it again. As you do this you may form a history or chronological form of ideas leading back to the main event on the center of the page.
  • Develop a list of ideas over a few days based on things around you. This can be over the course of a day or over a few throughout the week. You may get ideas from watching television, listening to the radio or by having a casual conversation with someone you know.
  • Consider doing a few writing exercises. You can write sentences based on one word that comes to mind or a word you pick in the dictionary. This can help you form raw ideas for a topic you can mold into your own later.
  • Find example descriptive essay topics and consider it from another angle. The following examples may help: a car accident, favorite food to eat, dream vacation destination, a birthday memory or getting your first car. Be creative!