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How to write an interesting 5 paragraph story essay

What is the format for a five paragraph essay?

  • The First paragraph should be the Introduction which gives the purpose of the essay, describes the topic for the essay, and gives the main points to support the writer’s position on the topic.
  • The Second, Third, and Fourth paragraphs are the Body of the essay that provides supporting evidence and supporting facts for the three main points regarding the topic.
  • The Fifth paragraph is the Conclusion that summarizes the main points of the topic and why the reader should agree with the writer’s viewpoint on the topic.

What is a short story essay?

  • A short story essay is normally no more than 8500 words long.
  • A short story essay is normally a non-fiction writing.
  • A story essay is considered a fiction piece that is short in nature.
  • A short story essay includes the following: characters, plot, narrator, dialogue, and symbolism.
  • A story essay has beginning, climax point (middle), and conclusion (ending) to the story.
  • A short story essay allows the writer to tell a story in a fun and interesting way.
  • A short story essay allows the writer to review and analysis a book they have read from their own perspective.

How to properly write a 5 paragraph story essay?

  • Should begin to write the story essay by focusing on the main characters, the plot, and the author’s perspective regarding the story.
  • Should take notes on the main characters, the plot, and the author’s perspective before writing the essay.
  • The Introduction paragraph should introduce the reader to the main characters of the story, give the story title, and give the author’s general perspective on writing the story.
  • The main characters of the story should be introduced in the order they appear in the story and give a brief description of each one.
  • The essay should include a summary of the story’s main plot and use of symbolism, metaphor, and hyperbole by the author.
  • The essay should state the reason why the author used such literary tools like metaphors in the story.
  • The essay should give a good summary of the story’s ending and how the ending answered certain important questions.
  • The Conclusion of the essay should give the writer’s perspective of how they liked or disliked the story.
  • The Conclusion of the essay should have the writer recommending the story/book for reading or not recommend it for reading.

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