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Helpful Advice on How to Write a Persuasive Argument Essay

Writing an argumentative essay will require you to conduct research. Writing this type of essay implies support of a chosen position on a given topic with evidence and citations found in the course of an extensive inquiry. Therefore it can be considered a small version of a dissertation in a way. Several good tips can be given to a student wanting to write a persuasive argumentative essay.

Structure the Paper Adequately

  • Make a clear statement in the first paragraph. Compose the first part of your essay so that it contains a general description of the topic, an argument about relevance in current circumstances and a thesis statement that will be later confirmed and supported by evidence. By doing this, you will convey your ideas to the audience in a clear and assertive fashion.
  • Provide evidence. In the main part of the paper you should present logically accurate proof and confirmation of your statements by citing researchers and scientists on particular points of your argument. Provide all needed data and findings to support each and every point, adding necessary explanations. Allocate a paragraph for every idea or statement to give your paper an even pace and make it predictable.
  • Divide the entire essay into five paragraphs. A five paragraph essay is a fairly common form for such type of paper, as it is the most convenient way to convey your thoughts. The five parts are usually the introduction, the body, which is broken up into three, each containing different points, and the conclusion. This, however, is just a suggestion, since there are other forms for an argumentative essay you could choose.

Generously Exploit the Results of Your Research

  • Make sure all the provided information is up to date and all citations are presented correctly.
  • Include various types of evidence, such as statistical findings, relevant facts and logical proof, and do not forget to add a couple of fun facts or jokes: a comic relief can go a long way.
  • Show different opinions that exist on the topic and mention some opposing points of view to provide a wider and more objective picture of the situation. If the statement you are giving is controversial, you should provide all the evidence you find, not only the parts that support your claim, but also those that disprove it. It is more honest this way and it shows the complexity of the topic in question.