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How To Write A Catchy Introduction For Your Essay

How many essays are written that don’t have very catchy essays? Unless the student is aware of the part their essay plays in the competition against other essays, they're likely not familiar with what it takes to make an essay interesting.

That’s why it’s always best to get the reader’s attention right at the beginning of the essay. This is especially a good idea if students need to be stimulated to get into the writing of their own papers. So the introduction is the best way to start. Here are some suggestion on how to write a catchy introduction for the essay.

Basic Suggestions

Creating a catchy introduction isn’t so difficult. There are a few guidelines to follow that are left broadly up to the reader to make what they can of it. Here are some of those suggestions.

  • Pose A Question
  • Bold Statement
  • Short and Sweet
  • Hold Back

Pose A Question

Generally, the best catchy introductions or headlines are those that pose questions for the reader to answer. When the reader sees this, they tend to feel compelled to answer the question and so they go to read what the writer has written. They might not know that they’re doing this as they’re really just wanting to answer the question.

Bold Statement

The bold statement is sometimes done to evoke some controversy within the person that also gets the reader engaged with the reading on a more emotional level. Something as profound such as “There is no evidence of royal blood in the Queen,” would stir up sentiment to find out just what is going on.

Short And Sweet

This refers to no the writer not taking the time to go into in depth explanations, unless the teacher wants them to be thorough but that doesn’t usually take place for the introduction of the title. The direct statement is a great way to start establishing just where the paper is supposed to go and with as much information in the first line as possible.

Hold Back

It’s a lot like telling a story where the events of the story are left to develop on their own later on. The writer knows how it ends but the reader doesn’t. To lead the reader on from one line to the next throughout the introduction makes for a very catchy paper.

The Introduction In Relation To The Paper

Yes. In many cases the intros to many papers are sometimes structured in a formula that is very bland and controlled. The teachers do not want this, they want the students to be very interested in their subject and express it well. The introduction expresses that from the get-go and should build enough momentum to push the writer to the end of the paper.