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5 cause and effect essay topics for college students

Cause and effect essays typically look at a subject matter and discuss what happens based on how the issue starts. Some students may get similar assignments and will write about their topic based on guidelines. For instance, an assignment of this nature may be referred to as a cause essay, effect essay or cause and effect essay. Each of these is different from one another and understanding the purpose behind the essay will help you get connected to a good topic.

Understanding Purpose of Cause and Effect Essays

When writing essays related to a cause you are looking into why something occurred, exists or happened. An effect essay examines the situation related to an event or a choice someone made. Cause and effect essay papers review what happened or the end result of something. So when you consider topic ideas you want to select something you understand from different angles. Meaning, why it happened or what was the cause and how did the end result come to this point or the effect.

Tips of How to Get Ideas and Using Them

You can find lots of ideas online or you can discuss potential ideas with colleagues. Many students will find sample ideas and reword it to make it their own. This is a helpful option as you think about how to explain your findings as you rewrite the idea. You can phrase your topic idea into a question; this will help you organize ideas and thoughts related to your answer. The answer you come up with can be your thesis statement!

Sample Cause and Effect Essay Topics

When coming up with ideas make sure your guidelines are in mind. Read over instructions carefully to make sure you know what is expected of you. This will help you choose a suitable topic for your paper. You will also get a better idea of the direction you need to take with your essay content. Review ideas with your instructor for further guidance. The following 5 samples are suitable cause and effect essay topics for college students.

  1. Do people shop more often because they can go online to make purchases?
  2. Why do kids hate school or think its boring?
  3. Why do siblings fight?
  4. What are causes of homelessness?
  5. What causes certain diseases to be impossible to cure?