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Where to Look for the Best Exemplification Essay Examples?

Exemplification essays are the ones where you have to prove an idea through several relevant examples. You can use examples from your personal experience, observations, news stories, literature works, movies, or facts and statistics from authoritative sources, depending on your topic.

Just as with any other kind of essays, you can greatly benefit from having good samples to read and analyze before you start writing your exemplification paper.

Finding Examples

  • Ask your instructor.
  • Your tutor may have several first-class exemplification essays on file. Instructors store these samples specially for their current students to use as examples, so there is nothing wrong if you ask for them.

  • Ask your friends.
  • If you have a friend who is at least one school year older and good at essay writing, you probably have to look no further. Ask for exemplification essays he or she has completed. As most students today write their essays in word processors, your friend should retain an electronic copy of the submitted paper.

  • Check essay writing handbooks.
  • If your school library has an electronic database, just search it by keywords “exemplification essay.” You may discover excellent guidebooks that explain how to best approach writing this kind of papers. Library books are where some of the truly best samples can be found. If there is no online search available, ask a librarian for assistance. He or she should know what essay writing handbooks your library has.

  • Look online.
  • The Internet has lots of exemplification essay samples. If you are concerned about their quality, there are good news: with this kind of papers, you can easily sort quality essays from inferior ones by using your common sense. Just look through the essay and identify the examples the author has used. Are they relevant to the topic? Are they persuasive? Are they interesting? The quality of examples is the main feature an exemplification essay is judged on.

Of course you do not want to waste your time skimming through tons of papers, so check the website’s general credibility. The best exemplification essay samples are found on the websites of schools, academic writing labs, and other educational resources. Limit your search by file type (file:.pdf generally works well).

Checking a website’s credibility is especially important if essay samples are to be downloaded, not viewed online. Do not download exemplification essays from any resources that seem suspicious – these files may contain malware. Be careful with proposals to pay for an essay sample. Pre-written essays offered online for sale are typically no better than those you can get for free.