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Writing great argumentative essay topics for kids

The principles which apply when writing an argumentative essay remain the same regardless of the topic. So let's deal with both of those things. One will be the principles involved in writing a great argumentative essay and the other will be some terrific topics to tackle. Don’t be confused here. What you write about is one thing. How you go about writing it is something quite different.

The principles involved in an argumentative essay involve persuading the reader that your point of view is correct. The essay is based on an issue and the issue will have divided loyalties. The issue in question will have at least two maybe even more points of view. It doesn't really work if you choose an argumentative essay topic which does not invite controversy. There has to be a conflict of opinion.

The principle of writing well with an argumentative essay is to choose one opinion about this topic and then make the case that your opinion is correct. Getting young students, high school students and middle school students involved in the writing of argumentative essays is a terrific idea. It helps them to understand logic and structure and the gathering of evidence. Remember it is the use of evidence to substantiate your point of view or your opinion which will make or break your argumentative essay.

State your point of view and then throughout the essay prove it to be correct by quoting evidence. That evidence has to be substantial. It has to come from a reliable source and be recognized as being original and powerful. All of these principles and structure go to making up a terrific argumentative essay. But then we come to the actual topics.

Remember that unless the topic invites controversy or divides public opinion, it will not make for a great argumentative essay topic. Look at the topics listed below. Do the day invite discussion? Are people divided on these topics? If so and they appeal to you, then you may well have found the ideal great argumentative essay topic.

  1. Teenagers should be allowed to drink alcohol without supervision.
  2. Plagiarism in education is allowing students to cheat with impunity.
  3. Having curfews for teenagers is a really bad idea.
  4. Climate change is caused by the greed and stupidity of humans.
  5. Gun control is a subject which should receive sensible and detailed debate.