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Coming Up With Persuasive Essay Topics: Examples For 9th Grade Students

Persuasive essays require the student to discuss an alternate view and attempt to convince the readers that they have a believable argument. The topic must be debatable and information presented must show both sides of the debate, while clearly favoring one over the other. Picking a topic is the first step toward a successful persuasive essay. The very best of papers often call attention to themselves merely through the titles, so a reader should take care to pick an innovative subject.


As an individual or within a group, the student must write down a list of controversial topics that have two main positions. There are common topics--cloning, the death penalty, the drinking age and abortion are popular ones--, but the student must not feel limited to these general types of topics. They can be quite specific, for example, “Why Abortion is Only Morally Permissible in Rape Situations” or students can stray from the norm and do a topic such as “Video Games are Educational for Youth”.

Pick a Passion

It is always easiest for a student to discuss something that they already show great feelings towards. The topic should be something that sets off a reaction, be it positive or negative, and something that triggers disagreement within society. For example, if the student is interested in cheerleading, they could write an argumentative piece about their sport - “Cheerleading is a Sport” - that goes against a common belief.

Understand the Audience

The student must engage with the reader, and a reader can come in many shapes and forms. If the student was writing a piece defending the notion of global warming, they must be able to present evidence to appeal to other students, scientists, people who live in the country or the world at large. Essentially, a student must gauge various viewpoints. That being said, if a student knows that they are writing towards a certain audience, they should take extra care to address them in the essay.

Be Creative

The best persuasive essays are the ones that are fresh and give readers something new to think about. A student should avoid overdone or cliche topics because these can be dull for the reader. Instead, they should seek out a subject with an edge to it - the more controversial, the better. Opinions are fine, but facts should back them up. Do not be afraid to write about a topic that seems so complicated and daunting that a student could not possibly cover it within a page limit. Remember that a good topic is debatable and often impossible to solve. As long as more evidence is added to support a side to an argument, then the student has done their job.