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Numerous Topics for Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay is designed to make the student think seriously about a particular topic. Students have to be able to marshal evidence and provide research that backs their claim. In general, the most difficult part of writing an argumentative essay is the beginning. Figuring out a topic can be difficult for students. To get started, students should consider the following tips and ideas for argumentative essays.

Brainstorm First

Before starting the research process, students should brainstorm at least ten different ideas. This allows students to delve deeper into possible topics and they can select a topic that is easier to right about. While brainstorming ideas, students should keep in mind the parameters of the assignment and the specific class subject.

Narrowing Down the Topic

Once students have figured out a specific topic that they want, they have to figure out the angle that they will use. Just writing about abortion is not an argumentative essay. Instead, students have to create a specific argument about abortion. In this example, they could argue the legitimacy of the Roe versus Wade decision, the actual existence (or lack thereof) of a right to privacy in the Constitution or the moral implications of abortion.

Animal Rights

For topic ideas, students could consider writing about animal rights. The topic of animals used for testing and research has long been a focus of groups like PETA. Students could argue the benefits of using animals for scientific research or the ethical dilemmas associated with this topic. Likewise, students could argue for or against the medical benefits and moral implications of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Outside of just animals, many strong argumentative essays have been written about the topic of genetically modified organisms. GMO products have been simultaneously been heralded as the cure for famine and the cause of diseases around the world. Taking a stance on this topic will ensure that the student has plenty of information to use for their debate as well as a thought-filled writing process.


Within the United States and around the world, immigration remains a hot topic. It is easier for people to cross borders in the modern world and many people choose to leave for a better life. In this topic, students could write about the benefits of increased immigration or stopping immigration entirely. Additionally, an argument could be made for using the Canadian point system for immigration instead of using the United States quota system. In addition to just immigration, students could argue for the benefits of using different citizenship qualifications. Some nations decide a baby's citizenship based on the parents' citizenship rather than the child's place of birth. Arguing for or against this practice could make for an interesting argumentative paper.