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How To Use A Free Essay Sample To Your Advantage

Getting your hands on a good free sample essay is a task accomplished. However, how do you use it effectively to improve your essay writing experience and the essay itself? There are a few ways to use a sample essay to your advantage. Here is a guide to make your essay-writing better with the help of a sample:

  1. Read the sample essay at least thrice. Mark the important landmarks. For example. You should highlight how the introduction started, how the main points were introduced. Pay special attention to transitions from one paragraph to the next. Try to find the foundation under the essay.
  2. Now make a reverse outline from the essay. Yes, sketch the map; write down the introductory attention-grabbing hook, the main points, and the supporting points. Write down how the essay was concluded.
  3. Note down all the features that you like in the sample essay. Also add what you think could have made it better.
  4. If you have time, try writing alternative points, introduction, and conclusion to the sample essay. This exercise will give you a free trip through the essay writing process.
  5. Now start organizing your own thoughts on the topic of your choice. Just brainstorm and jot down notes.
  6. Prepare an outline of your essay once you have the points from the brainstorming session. Your outline should contain the salient parts of the introduction that you are going to write, the body of the essay should be divided in paragraphs. Refer to the sample essay and the outline you extracted from it to help with this step.
  7. Now start writing the body of the essay referring repeatedly to the sample essay. You have an example of how smooth transitions can be made between paragraphs. Use the sample to understand the mechanism. Write your main points, the supporting points, and evidence.
  8. Now that you have the main body ready, start writing the introduction. It is easier to write the introduction after writing the body. You are better prepared to write an introductory paragraph now that you know exactly what is there in the body.
  9. Write the conclusion. Again, refer to the concluding paragraph of the sample essay to see how things in the introduction and body of the essay are brought to a neat culmination.