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Beer Commercials

Can beer commercials have a positive influence? There are people that are not too fond of watching such commercials especially with children around. While they have been creative over the years in selling alcoholic beverages, some wonder do they have a positive influence on society or at least to those who engage in drinking beer. Some of these commercials take millions of dollars to air on television when broadcast during major sporting events. Such commercials may have more attention placed on its content when the company knows it will have a large audience viewing it.

Beer commercials have come a long way from being more than just a marketing tool. Years ago they seem to have a simpler concept that encouraged people to drink when with family and friends. Some may just focus on the look and taste of the beer and why people enjoy their brand so much. But, because there is a huge interest in drinking and even cooking with beer, the commercials have gotten more creative since the viewing audience is more diverse. Beer brands have been forced to get more creative as they are used to define their brand with a distinctive identity.

The cost of creating such commercials has skyrocketed in recent years. More people are drinking beer but brands have gotten more competitive. Beer is one of the most profitable alcoholic beverages of all time. Some brands have been in the business for years with loyal followers. But now, these elements are not enough to ensure they will retain their profits. You have celebrities and well-known athletes helping to promote these products. Yet, these are the same celebs children and teens look up to. Of course, this is another form of income for people tapped to promote these brands. In some cases it may not look good depending on how creative they get with the commercial.

A few beer commercials are comical and memorable. They help us remember why we love beer so much and we learn about others who enjoy the same brand. There are consumers that have stories about the first time they drank beer and they didn’t think about it until they saw the commercial. There have been beer commercials that viewers found idiotic, silly and even pointless. You would think money would be spent better to make meaningful commercials, but sometimes people don’t pay attention to them anyway.