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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay: Effective Tutorial

A cause and effect essay should be easy to write if you pick the right topic and follow the guidelines that explain what should be included in this type of paper. As the name suggests, this work must focus on some problem (cause) and its effects.

Take the following steps to create an interesting and original cause and effect essay:

  • Present the problem or event that will be the cause of your essay.
  • You need to explain it in great detail and provide some background information on the subject. Your objective here is to explain the readers the significance of the issue.

  • Explain the effects of the problem.
  • In order to make your paper easier to understand, you will need to make frequent references to the cause. This will help the readers to see the relationship between it and the effects it has.

  • Limit the points.
  • There can be many minor causes and effects in the main relationship you chose as a basis for your paper. You will need to limit the number of them you will include in your work. Base your choice on the required essay length.

    It will be best to write down the cause-effect pairs you can see and then pick the ones that will have the biggest impact on the audience.

  • Write the first draft.
  • Create the first draft of your essay that will include all the points you consider relevant. Then, re-read it and start editing. You need to cut off all the unnecessary details. The paper must be written in clear language, without using many terms and jargon expressions.

    Every paragraph should focus on one cause or effect.

  • Explore the importance of the project.
  • At least one of the paragraphs must focus on the importance of the research and relationships between the causes and effects included in the paper. Here you will need to explain why the paper is relevant and what kind of impact it will have on the field of study.

  • Edit and polish the essay.
  • The final task is editing the draft that you have to perfection. You should set it aside for a few hours, or better a day, and look it through with a fresh eye.

    It will be best if you can give the essay to someone to read and provide you with some constructive criticism.

Cause and effect essays are based on your analysis and perception of the situation. However, do not forget that every statement and prediction you make must be backed up by some solid evidence.